Gihana Khan - The new actress in Bollywood

It looks like it´s raining newcomers in Bollywood because another “bombshell” has just arrived to take Bollywood industry by storm! The new “bombshell” Gihana Khan, age 21 years old, replaced “bombshell” Mallika Sherawat as the lead actress in the forthcoming movie “Mumbai Mirror”. The lead actor in this movie is Sachin J Joshi that made his debut in the movie “Azaan” which released october 2011.

“Mumbai Mirror” is Sachin J Joshi's second movie in B-town while it is the first for Gihana Khan. The half afghan, half Spanish girl from Sweden is all set to make her debut in Bollywood and win hearts in India. Gihana will play the role as a bar dancer and according to a source Gihana Khan will be very intimate with her co-actor Sachin J Joshi in the movie. And there will be no lack of physical intimacy in the movie.

Will Gihana Khan win hearts in India or the world with her debut in “Mumbai Mirror” as a bar dancer?! Will she take Bollywood by storm ?

Let´s just wait and watch! The movie “Mumbai Mirror” is planned to release later this year 2012.