New Supercars of LA Auto Show 2012

New Supercars of LA Auto Show 2012



The much anticipated Los Angeles Auto Show 2012 has finally begun. With the event came the introduction of a lot of cars that are drool-worthy.

As for Chysler, the company has decided not to unveil their new models. The car designer and manufacturer decided to display their updated and pimped up version of the 2013 SRT (Street Racing and Technology) or simply the 2013 Viper. The car's mean machine can make up to 640hp with its 8.4 L V10. For those who are interested, buying this car isn't cheap at a cost of $97,395.

If you want to look at new models, you might be delighted with Ford's exhibit since the company has unveiled many of its new models during the event. The most talked about premier is the 2013 Fusion since the car has a handsome look much like than of Aston Martin cars. The car packs a nice 4-cylinder 2.0L EcoBoost engine which can make up to 240hp as well as 270 lb-ft of torque. Another highlight of the car is its whole package which was done by 3d Carbon-Air Design.

Ford also unveiled its crowd favorite, the 2013 Shelby GT500 which is quite cheap at only $68,710 for a car which has an engine producing up to 662hp, and 631 lb-ft. Another car introduced by Ford is the 2014 Fiesta which has a new 3-cylinder 1 L EcoBoost engine which can make up to 123hp and 148lb-ft of torque for those who do not mind to take it slow and steady. One other car from Ford which caught our eye is their Transit Connect which has now a minivan option for those who want one.

Moving on to other companies, we found Honda flaunting its new design for the Civic 2013. The company also unveiled its new Hybrid which they named as the EV-STER which is compact and easy on the eyes. Honda also introduced its new Plug In Accord Hybrid for the eco-lovers.

Hyundai unveiled its new 2014 Santa Fe with its new long wheel-base. It also introduced its new Hyundai Veloster Turbo C 3 with its new Roll Top Concept for those who have quite an active lifestyle.

Kia unveiled its mid-sized Sorento which will hit the market by 2014. Interested buyers have the option of a four-cylinder engine or a six-cylinder one. This is said to be for better fuel economy.

The Lincoln has also unveiled a slew of amazing cars which made people stop and stare. The 2013 MKZ was one of the show stoppers. The company also showcased the 1932 Lincoln Derham Sports Sedan as well as the 1932 Lincoln Zephyr Sedan Coupe.

After looking at a lot of those cars, we deemed Jaguar’s 2014 F-Type as the highlight. The car’s mean machine can produce a whopping 495 hp as well as 460 lb-ft of torque. As for transmission, the car packs a ZF 8-speed automatic. Another Jaguar introduction is the new version of its XF sedan which looks quite stunning in color blue.