Imam Yahya Yemen - Beautiful Place

Yemen is the country in principle, is rich in interesting places and monuments. At the Palace of the Imam is a museum, and the palace itself is its main exhibit.

According to this very ancient architectural style of the window is divided into two parts: the lower part – the normal window, while the upper part is the intricate stained glass stained glass and translucent alabaster.

Palace walls built of baked clay bricks, and ornamental window frames made of white plaster. Such plaster window frames in the style of “Tahrim” in our time are preserved only in Yemen.

The architectural style of the Palace of the Imam in exactly the same style of houses, standing in the old part of San'a. Archaeologists claim that these houses were built in ancient Babylon.

In the modern version of the palace of 7 floors and 35 rooms. Near the Palace of the Imam on the rock is an ancient well, the depth of which is 275 meters.

Multistorey Dar al Hayyar served summer residence of Imam Yahya. The building itself is an extension of the reconstruction of a palace built at the site in 1786, which in turn was built on the site of an even more ancient buildings.