Veena Malik aims to break world record for maximum kisses

Veena Malik to break the Guiness World Record by getting kissed more than hundred times?

Currently, the record for the most kisses received in one minute is 125 held by Tanoshingo (Japan) on the set of Arabikidan (TBS) on 23 February 2011. So for Veena Malik to break the record, she will have to receive at least 126 kisses in a minute.

Veena Malik said, "I am really excited about this I can't wait to break Guinness world record which is going to be a huge birthday gift for me. And my film The City That Never Sleeps where the contestants are going to come and kiss me. I am happy that the producer Satish Reddy and director Haroon Rashid is giving me a chance to mark my name in the world record and I am thankful to them for giving me such a great opportunity".