2013 Tallest Tent In Kazakhstan

Khan Shatyr activity Center in Astana, the assets city of Kazakhstan, is an architectural project that is owed as the world’s main tent. The “tent” is complete of a see-through material and balanced on a network of cable strung from a middle spire 150 meters high. The arrangement has a 200 indicator oval base enclose an area of 140,000 square meters. Underneath the tent, an area larger than 10 football stadiums is an urban-scale internal park, shopping and activity venue by means of squares and cobbled streets, a boating river, shopping centre, mini golf and inside beach resort. The see-through material allows sunlight through which, in combination with air heating and cool systems, maintains a comfortable internal temperature between 15–30 °C while exterior the temperature vary between -35 and 35 °C crossways the year. Check out these tallest tent images.